A Stranger That Saved Me

I find it more satisfying to write about the amazing people I know because it makes me happy and honored. Honored that I know such outstanding people. Don’t get me wrong, I know a lot of horrendous people. People that have the personality of a toothpick and the IQ of a breadcrumb. However, that is not something that I’d like to focus on. I see them enough in my everyday life and I’d like to leave them outside my house. I’d rather focus on people I love such as my friend that I mentioned before. I have few people that I love, but I love them deeply. It’s a great feeling to know that you love someone especially when they love you back. This brings me to the next person I’d like to introduce to this piece: my best friend.

We’d started off as strangers at the beginning of high school. We were introduced by someone who would, in less than three years, put us through terrible emotional pain and make us even closer as friends. We never thought that the person that hurt us the most would become the thing that drew us together. We were both in the same circumstances when we really began to talk. We were both battling the departure of someone close to us, that is, not by death but by other circumstances. Now that I think about it, we were both going through very similar things. In any event, she became the person that I call my twin.

Together, we went through the betrayal of a friend, the same friend that introduced us, and even though I went through my separate issues at home, it felt like she was always there with me. We both felt the pain of rejection due to some inadequacy that other people saw in us. The truth was that neither of us were inadequate but how do you convince a teenager that they’re perfectly fine the way they are? Her insecurity made me feel like I wasn’t alone because in a way, us reassuring each other made us both more confident. We became closer than ever during the worst times of both of our lives. Sometimes, we think back to those times and wonder, why were we so depressed? By depressed, I’m not just throwing the word around. We were both stuck in a pit called depression. I wonder sometimes whether I would have survived without her entering my life. I usually leave that train of thought because the answer scares me.

2 thoughts on “A Stranger That Saved Me

  1. I went through a similar situation with one of my best friends. It’s very helpful to realize you are not alone in your struggles and someone else can understand you. Sometimes when you are about to break, life gives you a little hope.

    • It’s crazy how life can send these little life lines just to keep you going. Times of struggle do come to an end, I believe, but only after you’ve served your due. She saved my life and I’m glad that I’m not the only one that went through this very same process.

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