Today, I met up with someone who became a part of my life in a surprisingly random way. His cousin, who came up to me one night and started talking to me out of, what I assume was a sudden burst of courage, introduced us on a separate occasion. As I glanced into this stranger’s eyes, I knew that I would never be able to forget him. Times passed where we wouldn’t speak at all or I would ignored him because I was too busy, which by the way he never took offensively, but we always remained ‘friends’ some how. We recently re-established connection and had an interesting conversation tonight.

It began as light chit chat but quickly escalated to a more in depth topic about making ends meet in terms of money. He said that everything that you want to do needs money, you can’t do anything without money and to a certain extent, he is right. I think it’s sad how much focus money has in the modern world but sadly, it’s reality. However, he made me think about how lucky I am with everything I have. I’ve come to a conclusion that almost everyone can’t do anything with their lives if they don’t have an education and money. Obviously, these two things are the materialistic things people need in order to get somewhere in life.

There are certain things people can look to in order to take out the frustration of money, specifically, a lack of money. Sometimes, people need to look in themselves to find satisfaction knowing that they work hard and are doing the best they can. It’s also good to try and find a solution because anyone can present a problem. It takes a certain level of maturity to see a problem and look for a solution. Sometimes, I think of my friend and I hope that one day he’ll find his way and if I can, I will help him. I can see that he has potential, he has the will and the drive to do well. He just needs a push. He needs to be given the opportunity and he’ll take it. I can see that this friend of mine wants to be something in his life.

He’s trusted me with things he wouldn’t trust anyone else with and I’ve seen him at his weakest point. It seems like it was yesterday when it was, in fact, over a year ago that this happened. We were wondering around in the neighbourhood talking and not doing anything productive. I forgot about what we were talking about but I must have started breaking down the inner workings of his character. I didn’t mean to make him upset but a few tears shyly rolled down his cheeks. He smiled sheepishly, as if to cover the pain he was enduring and quickly wiped the tears away. Now when I think of it, I’ve never actually seen him frowning. He’s always smiling.

I’ll look at him sometimes while he’s working and I can see the smile on his face, but I can also see the struggle in his eyes. A struggle that I’m sure he feels every night before he goes to bed but tries to forget it for the sake of… I’m not sure actually. I’m not sure what manages to keep him smiling every day or what motivates him to work so hard but he somehow manages to do it every day. Perhaps I will find out one day what keeps him running everyday, what helps him keep up with the waves of demands, what keeps him smiling… And I’ll write about it.

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